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Steady State Fate Entity Percussion Synthesizer Black & Gold

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Entity Percussion Synthesizer (Black & Gold Panel) The Entity Percussion Synthesizer is a complete and versatile voice module, geared for designing a huge array of percussion, bass and lead sounds and well suited for processing external audio sources. The design consists of a high fidelity resonant band pass filter, two voltage controlled decay envelopes, multi-mode noise generator, a high fidelity VCA and a voltage controlled diode wave multiplier. Every parameter on the Entity Percussion is voltage controllable. Features and controls: SOUND SHAPING BODYcontrol simulates the tightness of a drum head. From soft and muted to flabby and bass heavy. PITCHaffects the frequency of the resonant filter. The nominal control range is from about 8Hz to 2.2kHz. This range is expanded upon use of internal and external control voltage sources. HARMONICSincreases the number of overtones heard via the main resonant sound source. Subtle to extreme. A substantial function of the Entity PS. RINGcontrols the resonant decay time, independently from the modulation controls. Both short and plucky and very long rings are obtainable. The filter is tuned so that it will always resonate a little, even when RING control is all the way down. OUTPUTsection controls the resonator volume level and the overall output level whenNOISE-FILTERmode in enabled.MIXswitch selects processing the internal resonator, external source via theEXT INjack or a mix of both, greatly enhancing the sound capabilities of the Entity PS. NOISEgenerator inspired by the Quantum Rainbow 2, with three select-able noise modes - WHITE, PINK and FILTER. FILTER mode routes the noise into the resonator's signal path - to be processed through the resonant filter, harmonics processor and main VCA. N-LEVELindependently controls the volume and CV level of the noise VCA. MODULATION Two voltage controllable decay envelopes are provided to modulate the frequency and/or volume of the resonator and noise.DECAYcontrols the FM/VCA decay time of the resonator,N-DECAYcontrols the VCA decay time of the noise generator. DELAYprovides voltage controlled delay of the resonatorDECAYenvelope with respect to the noise (N-DECAY) envelope - a useful feature for creating various snare, clap and snap sounds and layering internal and external sources. FM LVLis a bipolar attenuator for controlling the frequency modulation depth of the resonator. The switch below selects the internal resonator decay envelope, a mix of the decay envelope and external FM CV source, or the external FM CV source only. DUCKoutput jack provides an offset and inverted copy of the resonator DECAY envelope for ducking VCAs and other modulation duties. Additional Features PING!button to demo sounds without a trigger source. RGB LEDfor visual feedback of trigger, FM and output waveform All parameters are voltage controllable. Very high fidelity design - no generic op amps used in signal path. Only discrete components and audiophile grade op amps. Signal path is completely isolated from euro power rails. High headroom using hotter signal levels and will cut through any mix.

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