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Notice - New Service Fees Starting January 2016
Starting January 4, 2016, we will be adopting a new servicing model in order to continue offering the best quality services, especially to our customers.
All repair/servicing orders we receive before New Year's will follow the 2015 servicing fee model.
Service Fees 2016

  • Easy Repairs*: $50
  • Standard Labor*: $100 / Hour
  • Rush Labor*: $150 / Hour (Repairs within a day or two)
  • House Call Labor*: $200 / Hour (on site repair)
    • Transportation for a House call: $50 + parking fee
  • *For gear bought from Three Wave Music, get a 25% off discount on labor hours!
    • Please keep your receipt for proof of purchase.
  • 1 hour minimum, half hour increment after 1 hour
  • Cost of Replacement Parts if applicable
  • Pick up and delivery service**: $50 / trip (any quantities)
    • **Within 30 miles radius from Hawthorne, NJ
  • Estimate fee of $50 per each unit if you only need an estimate
    • For repairs that will take longer than 2 hours, you will get an estimate with no additional charge.
  • Deposit: $20 (Regular), $60 (Vintage Instrument), $100 (Special Instrument) per unit required.
    • The deposit will go toward your final repair fee.
  • Sales Tax (7% NJ tax)

Musical Instrument Repair
Vintage Keyboards, Synthesizers, Electric Pianos, Organs: Repair, Tuning, Restoration & Modification Services.
Synthesizers: Moog, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Arp, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Akai, Kawai, Technics, Kurzweil, E-mu, Ensoniq, Studio Electronics, Dave Smith Instruments, PAIA, Clavia Nord, Elektron, Doepfer, Cheetah, Novation, Waldorf, Jomox, Elka, OSCar, EMS, Octave, EML, Greeman, Aries, Chroma, PPG, Crumar, Formanta Polivoxs, Will system, Seekers, Univox, etc.
Electric Pianos: Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer Pianos, Hohner Clavinet, Pianet etc.
Organs: HAMMOND, Yamaha, Ace Tone, Teisco, Farfisa, Vox, Gibson, Fender, Elka, Rheem, Crumar, GEM, Howard, Melosonic, etc.
Drum Machines / Sequencers: Linn, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, Alesis, Roland, Yamaha, Korg, AKAI, Ace Tone, MXR, etc.

Modification Services
Kenton MIDI Modifications: MINIMOOG, MEMORY MOOG, SOURCE, PROPHET-5, Roland SH-101, Jupiter-8, Jupiter-4, Rhodes Chroma, etc.
CV/GATE, Filter Input Mod: MOOG Prodigy, ARP Odyssey, Roland SH-1000, SH-09, TB-303, YAMAHA CS-5, etc.
1/4" Audio Output and Filter Input Mod: Realistic (Moog) MG-1
Synthcom Europa Mod: Jupiter-6
ESPE01 Etherwave Standard Pitch Extension Mod: Etherwave Theremin
Oberheim DX & DMX MIDI Mod
Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 3, Prophet 10 MIDI Mod
Rhodes Chroma CC+ and Power Supply Upgrade
Minerva MIDI Mod: Roland Juno-60
LO MIDI Mod: Roland Jupiter-4
MIDIPoly Mod: KORG Mono/Poly
Kiwi-106 Upgrade: Roland Juno-106
KiwiSix Upgrade: Korg PolySix
Kiwi-3P Upgrade: Roland JX-3P

LCD Update and LCD Back Light for most Gear (ask for Details)
AKAI Samplers, MPC,
E-mu EII, EIII, SP-1200,
Korg O1W/FD, O1RW, N364/264, PPG 2.3,
Roland MKS-20, MKS-80, JV-90,
Yamaha DX7, SY77, TG77,
Kurzweil K2000, 2000R,

Wood sides & case update available (ask for Details)
Oberheim OB-Xa, OB-8, DX, DMX,
Sequentaial Prophet-5, Prophet-600, Pro-One, Six-Trak,
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-08,
Moog MemoryMOOG, Minimoog,
Rhodes Chroma,
Roland Juno-60, Juno-106,

OS update for most gear

Ask us for any other modifications that are not listed.

  • 30 years of experience
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Estimate
  • Pick up & Delivery services available
  • Reasonable Rates
  • House call available for large keyboards


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